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Building a beautiful WordPress website is becoming easier day by day thanks to the many prebuilt themes and plugins. Among the many most used themes is OceanWP, a free WordPress theme created by Nicolas Lecocq.

To learn more about what goes on behind the pretty themes, we reached Nick for an exclusive interview to help us see behind the scenes of great themes like OceanWP and it’s great plugins.

Here’s the exclusive interview straight from Nicolas. Happy Reading! ?

Interview with Nicolas from OceanWP

1)     Let us start with your background. Who is Nicolas?

I am a developer who creates WordPress themes and plugins, and now I only work on the OceanWP theme.

2)      Tell us about your day in the WordPress world?

At the beginning of the day, I check all my emails, I look at the support tickets to see if my users need help, then I check my to-do list and work on improving OceanWP ?

3)      What has been the most surprising thing for you in the WordPress industry?

The community, people who are on WordPress really want to help other users, this is amazing, I see it on my Facebook group when someone needs help, other members try to help him/her at their best.

4)      How and when did you plan to start a WordPress Themes business?

It came up naturally. I was creating sites some years ago and I was a little disappointed by themes, so one day I decided to create my own theme to propose an easy and fast solution for customers.

5)      What were the difficulties you faced? And how did you overcome them?

The most difficult thing was to make OceanWP popular. I have tried to make a theme that is easy to work with but is very powerful so users can do what they want with it. At first, with all the themes available, it was a little hard to convince the users to try OceanWP, and that they will not be disappointed, but little by little, users liked it and use it for all their websites now.

6)      How did you promote your themes at the initial stage?

Via Facebook ads, then, thanks to users, I don’t really need to promote it anymore, people talk about it and like it a lot so other users try it and adopt it ?

7)      What is your current promotion strategy? Which channels get you the most customers?

What brings me the most users is WordPress, as my theme is on the WP repository, users can see the great reviews of existing users and can try OceanWP, then they decide to use it or not.

8)      Among so many WordPress Theme Shops, what makes OceanWP different from others?

Users can do almost any sites they want with OceanWP. You will need a little time to adapt but once you will know the settings and the power of the theme, there are no limitations and coupled with a great page builder like Elementor or Brizy, the only limit will be your imagination ?

9)      How many active WordPress Theme installations does OceanWP Have?

So far, more than 200,000+ active installations.

10)   What was the turning point towards the growth of OceanWP? Any 3 strategies/tips you tried?

I want to say the users. I always try to improve OceanWP to every update, my users send me their feedback on what they would like to see or to be improved on the theme and if I can do it, the new features are added.

11)   You Have WordPress themes for what niches?

I only have OceanWP and you can do almost any type of websites with it.

12)   Any interesting incident you want to share with us related to your profession, WordPress or growth?

I didn’t have any incident with OceanWP so far, I hope it will continue this way ?

Or yes, maybe one little thing, at first OceanWP was called Ocean, but the problem was when I had uploaded it on the WordPress repository, a theme with the same name was already on the waiting list, so I was forced to change the name to OceanWP (which is a pretty good name), as I had already more than 3000 users, I was forced to let them know that they needed to re-upload the theme otherwise they will not receive the updates anymore as the theme name changed.

13)   How do you see the future of WordPress?

WordPress become bigger and bigger because everyone wants a website, so I’m pretty sure WordPress has a bright future and OceanWP too ?

14)   What is next?

As I have said before, I will always try to improve OceanWP, I have planned to create more demos and premium extensions to make it even more powerful.

Soon, I will release a new version of Ocean Extra where I have added a setup wizard to really help people to start with OceanWP.

15)   What do you love doing when you are away from the laptop?

I have moved to the country, I now live in a beautiful city around mountains and only two hours in the car from a beach, so I can ski and go to the beach the same day ?

16)   Suggest 3 people we should interview next & why?

It’s difficult, there are a lot of people I can recommend ?

Let’s choose three of them, first, I would recommend Laurent from Themecloud, a great and very fast hosting company because he has really helped me at the very beginning of OceanWP.

The second, Mustaasam Saleem Ansari, he works for Cloudways, another great and fast hosting company. ?

Cloudways give amazing performances results with OceanWP.

And the last, Jonathan Buttigieg who is one of the founder of WP Rocket, a cache plugin, which is in my opinion, the best caching plugin for WordPress and all users should have it installed on their websites.

I have been following them for some time now and I can assure you that WP Rocket is an amazing plugin, they always improve it and with OceanWP, your website will be a rocket.

17)   Any ending notes?

Thank you for your interview, I hope to have answered well to your questions, and I invite all people to join the OceanWP Facebook group to learn tips and how to use OceanWP to create professional and stunning websites ?

Well, that was one informative interview and we have learned some amazing insights about Nicolas and OceanWP. I am sure OceanWP has some great things stored for us in the future and we look forward to them. Best of luck Nicolas.