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35 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose WordPress: Why Should You?

Do you own a small business? If yes, then you must start thinking about creating your own website. “But, creating a website is expensive and time-consuming.” In all honesty, it is expensive especially...


What is WordPress Multisite? The Most Complete WordPress Multisite Guide!

Building a network of interconnected websites and blogs can be difficult work, but if you’re using WordPress, there’s a fairly easy way to do it – by using the WordPress Multisite feature. This fe...

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A Beginners Guide On How to install WordPress on GoDaddy

As one of the largest and oldest internet domain registration company, GoDaddy has certainly made a name for itself among multitudes of registrars selling the domain and hosting services. Currently, G...

WordPress Meta Description- How To Add Meta Tags To WordPress

Meta Tags are as important as SEO could ever be. It’s just not ever possible for an SEO expert to not know about meta tags. Although, due to some changes in Google’s algorithm meta description is not ...

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How To Update WordPress Theme (And Not Lose Your Customizations In The Process)

You log into your WordPress dashboard, and you’re greeted with a message: “Update Available” So, what are you going to do? Ignore the notification and hope for the best or take care of business...

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How To Customize WordPress Theme: A Quick & Easy Tutorial For Beginners

You can pick the best possible theme out there, and you’ll still find something you’d like to change. It can be a simple color scheme or something that requires a bit more advanced approach, but the t...

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How to add social media buttons to WordPress

Considering all-the-time huge rage of social media these days, content marketing through social media tools has emerged as an essential affair for most of the brands. What Are The Social Media But...

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Do You Know 3 Simple And Interesting Ways WP Newsify Grew?

We’ve all heard that behind every success, there are a lot of failed attempts, sweat and tears. True is the case for Peter Nilsson of WP Newsify. He is a perfect example to show people that you ...

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Here’s How to Edit HTML in WordPress Without Breaking a Sweat!

WordPress is an incredibly popular platform, and the main reason for that is its modularity. If there’s something you want to do, you can just download a plugin that does it and go on your way! ...

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Building a beautiful WordPress website is becoming easier day by day thanks to the many prebuilt themes and plugins. Among the many most used themes is OceanWP, a free WordPress theme created by Nicol...