35 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose WordPress: Why Should You?

Do you own a small business? If yes, then you must start thinking about creating your own website. “But, creating a website is expensive and time-consuming.” In all honesty, it is expensive especially when you start your website from scratch.

But, you do not have to worry about all of those if you choose to create your website through WordPress. And yes, it’s a blog site but WordPress allows you to customize your very own website which will is tailored to your needs.

You can easily turn a blog into your very own shopping website where you can also produce exclusive and high-quality content for your users. It is more convenient for people like me who are too busy to actually go to the mall.

Which is why businesses and individuals strive to create a website which will give their consumers and users the best viewing experience. Businesses these days must introduce their products and services online with corresponding information and how-tos for a more compelling and beneficial content for their users.

People are most likely to research products before purchasing them. This is why business owners and individuals must be keen on establishing their own website. This is where WordPress comes to the equation.

WordPress is more than just a blog site

WordPress started out in 2003 and it is exclusively a blogging platform. But, with the ever-growing marketing strategies, it has become a bonafide Content Management Software (CMS) tool for business and individuals from all over the world.

CMS is a tool which allows its users to create websites, share quality content, and more. It also allows users to fully customize the site while having a lot of troubleshooting support, which are very helpful for beginners.

It is safe to say that WordPress is a useful and easy-to-manage tool for business and individuals that are looking to start their very first website. Without further ado, here are 35 reasons why you or your business must try WordPress:

1.      It’s 101% FREE

Yes, you read it right! Businessmen and Femmetrepreneurs like you, from all over the world can start your very own website. You do not have to spend a dime when you sign up for WordPress. Which is why it is very convenient for you to start your blog and test the waters while being cost-effective.

You do not have to worry about fees when your site suddenly blows up. You have a full control of your site since WordPress is an open source which allows you to be creative and innovative with your website according to your needs.

2.      Beginner-Friendly

Anyone can start their own website through WordPress. If you are a beginner, just like me, I strongly suggest that you educate yourself through watching video tutorials and reading about WordPress tutorials, before diving in with your site customization.

All you have to do is sign-up, and after a few clicks, you are now directed to your platform which is fully-functioning and is ready to be customized. You do not have to hire website developers to create a website from scratch, thus saving you more time and money!

3.      Easy to Set-up

WordPress offers tons of customization options where users, like us to have an access to. Plus, WordPress have created a platform which is fairly easy to navigate and get a hold on to.

Content creation, site customization, and content management are mold into a simple and functional ecosystem where you can utilize according to your needs and preference.

4.      Accessible and Powerful

Just after you finished the site’s installation, you do not have to hunt down for additional plug-ins or codes regarding your RSS feed, comment box, etc. since it comes with your free WordPress platform right out of the box.

You also have tons of access to sites which offers support, themes, and additional widgets which you can implement to your site to make it more personal, useful, and powerful.

My most favorite plugin would be Yoast SEO, because it helps me write a well-optimized content. Which helps my site’s reachability and rankings, thus having more clout!

5.      It features a Universal Platform

You do not have to spend a lot of money to figure out WordPress because it runs on a universal platform. This means that no matter where you are or what device you’re using you can still view and use WordPress in the same manner.

And you do not have to be a coding expert; basic MySQL or CSS knowledge is enough to tweak and start your website. And, if you happen to not have any knowledge of MySQL or CSS, you can easily access countless tutorials online.

6.      Creative interface

WordPress does not only allow its user to customize their site, but it strongly encourages them to be creative. Your posts wouldn’t be just words, because you can add your very own visuals which will make your posts more appealing and engaging.

7.      Free Themes

Say goodbye to long hours of decision make regarding your site’s aesthetics, because you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars with your site’s customization. WordPress offers their users to have an access to their free themes.

And, there are also independent sites which offer free themes which you can use for your website. Now, designing your own website wouldn’t be such a hassle.

8.      Allows your site to stand-out

Sure, WordPress comes out of the box with a default theme and settings, but that does not mean that you cannot change it or tweak it. It is more of a blank canvas and you are the Picasso or Michelangelo of your own site.

Free or paid themes are easily accessible, but if that does not do it for you, you can hire your very own web designer to fully customize your site. However, hiring your own web designer wouldn’t be as cheap.

Thus, combining performance, design, and quality content will make your site stand out amongst your competitors.

9.      Good graphics implementation

WordPress isn’t like any other site where they decrease the quality of the images which you upload on your posts or use on your website. You are guaranteed to have clear and crisp images on your blog posts and all throughout your website/

Now, your viewers will now have a good look at your products or your artisanal cappuccinos, OOTDs/OOTNs, etc. This also applies to the quality of videos you upload or link from other sites like YouTube.

10.   Undoubtedly Flexible and Multi-purpose

From bloggers, like me to huge businesses; WordPress has built its reputation over the past few years as the most flexible, multi-purpose, and user-friendly platform out there. People and businesses like ours can use and utilize WordPress while tailoring it to our needs.

11.   Maximizes your site’s potential

Up and coming businesses and bloggers can easily maximize their site potential without dealing with so much stress. Since WordPress offers a lot of support for their users and its compatibility with any device, plug-ins, and widgets which you can find all over the internet.

You cannot run out of useful plugins which can be very beneficial for content creation, profitability, your site’s overall performance, and online visibility.

12.   Multimedia-Friendly

WordPress does not only have an excellent graphics implementation, but it is also social media-friendly. Which means readers and your users can share your contents on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. which is very beneficial for your site’s growth and traffic.

This will also help you or your business reach out to people from different parts of the globe which will drive your sales or your site’s popularity. This will help you gain legions of regular site followers, subscribers, and customers.

13.   SEO Friendly

Being able to incorporate SEO into all my posts helped my websites when it comes to Google Search Rankings which links to a higher site traffic and regular users. WordPress, allows its users to install SEO plugins across their website.

Yoast SEO is the most reliable and popular SEO plugin for WordPress. This helps content creators, like me, to be mindful of my SEO implementation throughout my posts. Now creating keyword optimized posts wouldn’t be such a mess because we as individuals tend to go overboard on keywords.

As a writer, it is safe to say that “less is more” or “the more the merrier” philosophy does not seem to apply when creating an SEO optimized content. You must find the perfect balance between your content and keywords.

14.   Improved Online Presence

Now that you covered all the bases of creating an awesome website; design aspect, site functionality and performance, quality of content, and searchability, your site will be a guaranteed success.

Sure, it will take some time to figure out which works best for you and your needs, but with WordPress, it will only take a short time since the site offers the tools you need for a killer website.

15.  Helps you establish community or fan base

With an improved online presence, your site will gain regular users which flocks to your site frequently. WordPress allows its user to gain full control of their platform the moment they sign up.

16.   Compatible with multiple Plugins or Widgets

WordPress compatibility with different plug-ins and widgets are very beneficial for creators  and businesses to optimize and maximize their site potential.

Plugins or widgets are supplemental tools which improve your site’s functionality which is in accordance with your needs. One of the most popular plugins is Yoast for SEO and Akismet for removing spam.

With plugins/widgets, I personally do not have to stress about the little things since they do the job for me.

17.   Third party apps integration

WordPress is compatible with any web browsers from different kinds of devices. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. you are going to be able to view WordPress the same way and use it the same may.

Viewers and users from all over the world can view and enjoy your content without any lags or delay.

18.   Your site will be safe and secured

As a blogger, I worry about my site’s security from hackers and bugs, but WordPress takes an extra mile to assure their users that their website will be free from hackers or bugs. Since then, I can create content with full confidence and ease.

With that being said, you do not have to spend a lot of money when it comes to third-party software.

19.  Best E-Commerce Solutions

WordPress offers their users tons of useful e-commerce plugins which will greatly help you sell your products and services instantly.

By using e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, and Marketpress, you will be able to turn your awesome site into a profitable one too!

20.  Profitable

Speaking of profits, you can also make extra cash from advertisements. Famous bloggers and businesses also rely on ads to monetize their website.

Ad Management plugins like AdSanity and AdRotate will allow you to meticulously insert ads on your posts which will eventually make you more money. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

21.   Exclusive Membership Site Upgrade

You can make your website a lot more profitable by converting it into a subscription website. Per se, you will have an additional exclusive useful content or freebies for your premium subscribers.

22.   Stress-Free Website Management

Managing your website through WordPress platform is far way less stressful than managing your own domain site. Why? WordPress updates their sites and plug-ins for a more fluid performance and additional features.

With that being said, you do not have to look for web developers and designers to update your website.

23.   Multi-User Friendly

Managing your own business is no easy feat, which is why WordPress allows you to manage your site’s accessibility towards your employees. This made it more convenient for business owners like you to designate tasks among individuals.

24.   Keeps your site updated

You do not have to worry about your site’s performance because WordPress will take care of that. WordPress updates its sites predominantly in order to improve user performance and sometimes, includes additional functionality.

25.   You can try multiple hosting providers

WordPress allows its users to try different hosting providers to be able to handle the sudden increase in your site’s traffic will not be a problem. However, transferring your site to a new host may cause data loss or downtime.

Don’t fret. Just follow these simple steps and your site and all of its glory will be intact upon the site migration.

26.   Tech Support

When it comes to website troubleshooting or improvements, you can easily access tons of tutorials online, which is very helpful for business owners and individuals who are not experts when it comes to web design and development.

When I was just starting with my very own website, I tend to follow blogs and watch YouTube videos which produces helpful tutorials for non-expert users like me. It helped me a lot on my site customization, plugin/widget optimization, and even monetizing my website.

27.  You can schedule every blog post

Running a soon-to-be empire is very time consuming and business owners, like yourself will get caught up on your day-to-day schedule. Whether you have a meeting with your clients, business partners,seminars, or conventions; you will now be able to schedule your posts as per your liking.

28.   Hassle-Free Blog Posting

Now that you’ve probably learned about scheduling your posts, publishing your content wouldn’t be such a drag. It is also awesome that uploading and publishing your content isn’t as difficult.

With just one click your post is ready to go, and you also do not have to wait a couple of minutes for your post to be up and available for viewing in your site. And you can also go back and forth and edit the post as per your liking.

29.  Time-Efficient

WordPress allows busy-bees like you  to save a lot of time when it comes to managing your own website. Through the help of plugins, widgets, automatic site upgrades, and other perks; business and site owners, like you, are not forced to spend extra time and money in order to make sure that their site runs smoothly or their posts are constantly updated.

30.   Clients’ Feedback

With WordPress, you can now add your client’s feedback to your website through the help of Testimonial plugins like Testimonial Widget or Easy Testimonials. Through these feedbacks, your future clients will have a better view on what’s in store for them; if it’s worthwhile or not.

31.   User Engagement

As a site owner, you must also be responsible for your viewers’ opinion and feedback. This is why it is very important to add a comment box in order to interact with your users.

Keep in mind that this will also help you improve your site, your branding, and the products and services which you offer. This will also spark your awareness to your own brand in order to be more responsible and ethical business owner.

32.   New and Improved Interface

Just like what I’ve mentioned above, WordPress constantly updates its site’s functionality, which is great for site owners. This will help your website’s performance but you can also maximize the use of such improvements.

As a business and site owner, you must always update your website’s look to keep your viewers interested. And WordPress allows all of that, but you can also incorporate microinteractions, widgets, and plugins to revamp the overall feel of your site.

33.   Budget-Friendly

We all know that WordPress is a free platform, but there are a couple of customizations which require fees like custom website URL, premium themes, subscriptions, and plug-ins. But, that is way inexpensive than hiring web developers and designers who will basically implement the same things, but at a higher price.

34.   It’s not just a Blog

WordPress is more than just a blog, it is an effective marketing tool for business and site owners to gain recognition and following from consumers and viewers. It is responsible for creating a safe community for like-minded people and partnership among brands and individuals.

35.   Sparks user motivation

When you share high-quality content which is very useful for your viewers and customers, but it will also educate and inspire them to create, develop, or learn new skills.

This will not only increase your website visitors, but it will also inspire you as a site owner to create high-quality content, products, and services for your consumers and users.


WordPress is the most popular and the most used content management tool in the world, and it is a well-deserved distinction. WordPress had improved so much over the past 15 years, it has grown into a multi-faceted platform where users have the freedom to customize and build their website according to their brand and its purpose. There are 35 reasons why you must switch and try WordPress, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.